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About Us

Connect Us is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide all children to develop positive relationships & promote social inclusion.

Our Mission

Connect Us is dedicated to cultivating children’s social-emotional development, fostering inclusivity, and enriching their overall well-being.

Our Mission2

Our Vision

Connect Us envisions a world where all children embrace diversity and social stigmas do not exist. Despite differences and abilities, all children learn from each other and can flourish in nonjudgmental, inclusive environments.

Our Philosophy

•  Social and emotional problems are prevented when social skill development is a priority early in childhood

•  All children desire friendships and want to be included

•  Facilitating the development of social skills is most effective during ‘real time’ play situations

•  Bullies may always exist, but they’ll have no power when we instill skills, values and expectations early in childhood to overcome the bystander mentality

•  The Golden Rule should be a critical component of education

•  During recess, students should have access to adults and mentors who assist with conflict resolution and foster inclusion

•  Bystander mentality and indifference are perpetuated early in life when kids are ignored or reprimanded for  ‘tattling’

•  Children susceptible to bullying or becoming bullies are best served when schools, parents and the community collaborate to address the issues

Our Mission3

Using the Social Competence Inclusive Play (SCIP) Model, Connect Us:

  • Builds social competence in children who are susceptible to being bullied or becoming bullies
  • Improves elementary school recess environments
  • Provides programs that advance community education and awareness

The SCIP model

The SCIP model focuses on building social competence in children through inclusive and collaborative play. Programs allow children to practice communication, problem-solving and leadership skills in a safe and supportive setting. Our programs are designed to promote positive social interactions using evidence-based strategies and evaluation tools developed by Dr. Annette Nunez, PhD.

  • Social Groups and Summer Camp: Age-based groups for children 3-11, facilitated by professionals trained in the SCIP model
  • Recess Facilitation: School recess consulting, assessments, facilitation and training programs for volunteers, teachers, paraprofessionals and recess aides
  • Coaching and Counseling: Partnering with licensed therapists and coaches to offer parent, child and family counseling, academic, classroom and recess support and physical and life-skill coaching for elementary-age children
  • Consulting, Education and Advocacy: In collaboration with Breakthrough Interventions, LLC, providing training and education to schools, parents and child-service providers on best practices to ensure that children with high-functioning autism and/or other social challenges are successfully integrated into schools and able to reach their highest potential