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Parent's Guide to Groups

If your child attends the host school, they must go directly to the designated meeting area immediately after school where our staff will be awaiting their arrival. Games will begin for those kids immediately. Children coming from other schools generally arrive 15-20 minutes later and should be dropped off at designated meeting areas. Opening circles will begin shortly thereafter. When groups end, facilitators will bring children to a specified pick-up area and remain with them until authorized individuals have collected every child. Before the session begins, parents will receive an email with all the program details and important phone numbers to keep on hand. To reach us during groups, you can always call or text Executive Director, Stephanie Schiff, at 303-807-1836.

If your child needs to be picked up early or will be arriving more than 20 minutes late, please email or text/call Stephanie and we will let you know exactly where to drop off/pick up. Please be sure to let us know if your child will be absent.

We will not administer any medication to children except in an emergency, such as a severe allergic reaction that requires an Epi-pen (provided to us by parent/guardian at the beginning of a session). Each program will have staff certified in CPR.

Many of our games involve physical activity. Children who are not feeling well should not attend groups. If a child tells us they do not feel well, they will be asked to sit out of games and parent/guardian will be contacted to pick them up. In cases where parents have indicated a pattern of avoidance behaviors, we will determine an appropriate approach to their anxiety with parents prior to the session.

We do not provide snacks with peanut butter, nuts, or nut products since nut allergy is a life-threatening condition. If you are providing snacks for the group, please do not bring anything containing nut products.

When completing registration forms, you will be asked to disclose relevant medical information that will help us keep your child safe. You will also be required to provide your consent to the following: “As a parent or guardian of the participant(s) enrolled in a Connect Us program, I authorize the director or staff member(s) to perform medical treatment for my child as needed. This includes my consent to have Connect Us transport my child to a licensed medical facility should my child’s condition require it. I understand that in such a case, reasonable attempts would first be made to contact me or the contacts I have listed. I acknowledge that each participant assumes all risks, consequences, and potential liability. I hereby release and hold harmless the program site, director, and staff of Connect Us, its employees, volunteers, and any other person, firm or organization charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability from any and all claims by reason of accident, illness, injury, or other consequences arising from participation in a Connect Us program.”

We will refund the program fee if notified of cancellation at least 14 days prior to the session start date. We do not provide refunds for missed weeks, however, if joining a session late, we will gladly prorate amount due.

Your children’s safety and well-being in groups are priorities! We expect every child to feel safe and valued and to leave each week feeling invigorated. Keep in mind that our job is to gently push them out of their social comfort zones, which can result in a variety of reactions. If your child has any concerns about groups, please support their growth and development by encouraging them to talk to us or we can set aside a time to discuss it with child and parent(s).
Connect Us embraces all cultural and personal differences. Our facilitators actively promote an appreciation of diversity and staff and kids are expected to treat one another with respect. When conflicts occur between children, it is addressed in the group, and children are guided, as necessary, to resolve those problems. Should disruptive behaviors arise, collaborating with parents on effective strategies is essential. If a child is aggressive or is repeatedly disruptive with no improvement after adult intervention, they may be asked to leave the program. In those cases, we will refund the prorated number of weeks remaining in the session.

We expect groups to impact every child’s social development, but when kids have specific behaviors or issues, they are working on at home or in school, they progress faster when parents bring those things to our attention. We can then reinforce their efforts and they can receive support, encouragement and empathy from the group. You are always welcome to speak with our staff after groups or contact us to set up more time to talk.