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Every child wants to fit in, but sometimes a lack of skills or confidence make that difficult.

Play With a Purpose!

Every child wants to fit in, but sometimes a lack of skills or confidence make that difficult. Many kids are natural leaders who have the potential to make an enormous difference in the lives of kids struggling with friendships.

Whether socially gifted or awkward, extremely shy or extroverted, ALL kids benefit from being immersed in collaborative, social learning groups.

Since 2009, Connect Us has been developing self-confidence, resiliency and friendship skills in children ages 3 and up through guided, age-based peer groups. Magic happens when diverse groups of kids are brought together in an open, supportive environment where they’re encouraged to express their individuality, discover commonalities and gain an understanding and appreciation of differences. Our curriculum incorporates evidence-based strategies designed to strengthen ‘people skills’, such as empathy, friendliness, perspective taking and social reciprocity. Over the course of the program, kids will have opportunities to practice these skills in real time peer situations. This skill-building will translate into more inclusive, receptive, self-assured individuals who have the tools to develop positive friendships and stand up for themselves and others.

Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 3-5

Exploring social interaction through structured, interactive activities involving music, dance, ‘snack chat’ and pretend play. The Tots curriculum fosters turn-taking, cooperation, communication, listening and shared enjoyment through guided, group play.

Level 1:  Grades K-1         Level 2:  Grades 2-3

Curriculum is all about teamwork and friendly competition. Activities involve group discussions and problem-solving, open communication, flexibility, encouraging others, asserting own views and learning from other points of view.

Level 1: Grades 4-5          Level 2:  Grades 6-8

For our Lofty Leaders, middle school is already here or it’s just around the corner and our job is to make sure they have the tools and self-confidence to navigate what is frequently the most challenging and vulnerable period in their young lives.  Lofty Leaders will learn and practice strategies for responding to bullying, peer pressure, negative influences and peer conflict.  Each week, our preteens will embrace their individuality and appreciate the unique qualities everyone in the group brings to the table.

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