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Summer Groups

Connect Us is dedicated to providing our campers with physical, creative and imaginative activities in a safe, inclusive and nurturing outdoor environment.

Connect Us kids and families can expect a phenomenal team of facilitators leading EXTREMELY FUN, collaborative, social-skill building games and activities.  Our curriculum incorporates evidence-based strategies designed to strengthen empathy, friendliness, perspective taking and social reciprocity.  And we do it all through play!

Activities will occur in small, age-based friendship groups of 10-12 kids, each facilitated by a minimum of two of our staff. Activities include music, science, drama, water play, arts & crafts and physical and creative games. 

Snacks will be provided; campers bring lunch from home. Questions? Please email or call 303-807-1836.


Location: Cook Park

7100 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver, CO 80224
Time: 08:30am – 12:30pm
$185 / week 
*Scholarships Available*

Week 1 – June 11th – 13th
Week 2 – June 18th – 20th 
Week 3 – June 25th – 27th 
Week 4 – July 9th – 11th 
Week 5 – July 16th – 18th 
Week 6 – July 23rd – 25th

Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 3-5

Exploring social interaction through structured, interactive activities involving music, dance, ‘snack chat’ and pretend play. The Tots curriculum fosters turn-taking, cooperation, communication, listening and shared enjoyment through guided, group play.

Level 1:  Grades K-1         Level 2:  Grades 2-3

Curriculum is all about teamwork and friendly competition. Activities involve group discussions and problem-solving, open communication, flexibility, encouraging others, asserting own views and learning from other points of view.

Level 1: Grades 4-5          Level 2:  Grades 6-8

For our Lofty Leaders, middle school is already here or it’s just around the corner and our job is to make sure they have the tools and self-confidence to navigate what is frequently the most challenging and vulnerable period in their young lives.  Lofty Leaders will learn and practice strategies for responding to bullying, peer pressure, negative influences and peer conflict.  Each week, our preteens will embrace their individuality and appreciate the unique qualities everyone in the group brings to the table.